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Are you looking for a Family Physician?
Dr Ali Damji is now accepting new patients, and Dr Paul Cheung is accepting francophone patients. Call our office for further details.

Becoming a Patient

The Credit Valley Family Health Team is currently accepting new patients under our new staff physician Dr. Ali Damji, as well as under our residents and international graduates. 

Residents are University of Toronto post-graduate medical doctors who are specialising in family practice. They are with our team for two years. International Medical Graduates are with the team for three years and have the advantage of coming from a diverse range of countries often sharing the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the multi-cultural Mississaugua community.  Both types of doctor are supervised by staff physicians.

If you do not have a family doctor and are interested in becoming a patient, please call us at 905 813 3850.

You can also visit Health Care Connect (1-800-445-1822). This is a program that helps you find a doctor or nurse practitioner within your area of residence if you are not currently enrolled with one.