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Coping with Uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coping with Uncertainty during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Have you had difficulty coping with the constant changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause changes to our lives, impacting our families, jobs and finances. While many have done well adjusting to our new normal, some of us still struggle with the ever changing information and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the resulting effects on our day to day living.

Join us via Zoom for this one hour virtual session where we will provide with participants tips on how to reduce anxiety and regain a sense of control over life. We will also discuss how to engage in self-care during this challenging time and provide links to mental health community resources.

This session will be facilitated by two registered social workers from the Credit Valley Family Health Team.

*Please note that email and internet are required for participation

Thursday October 8

Online registration - sorry, nothing available at this time